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About us

Italian Tensostructures since 2002

TENSOCOVERINGS becomes a start-up in the 2002capitalising on the experience of years of search e experimentation in the production of marquees e marquees professionalism on the part of the young Italian entrepreneur Andrea Punzi.

Since then, it has constantly implemented its design and production criteria by employing highly specialised engineers and craftsmen and using only the best available technical materials on the market.

This is why Tensocoverings is able to provide a superb solution for any roofing requirement, from classic Gazebo at Canopy, from Dehor up to the large modular plant.

Tensocoverings passionately realises your roofing idea while always taking into account new trends in the industry.

Put your trust in the experience recognised by hundreds of national customers from every category and segment who have chosen Tensocoverings. You will be sure to receive a impeccable product, delivered quickly and at the best possible pricetogether with a best-in-class turnkey service, from consulting to design and installation.

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